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Mobile Apps

Let the numbers speak…


  • 170: is the number of times a person looks at their phone in one day
  • 400,000: number of mobile apps developed
  • 30,000,000: number of apps download each day
  • 350 million: number of mobile Facebook users (Is Facebook on to something?)
  • 5.3 billion: number of mobile subscribers world wide


Mobile Apps create…


  1. Engagement

An app allows you to send alerts to receive instant response, great for creating quality interest and increasing purchases.

  1. Target Ability

An App allows you to target your customer in new way. This will personalize the customers experience, helping bridge the gap between to the purchase.

  1. User Experience

An app seamlessly increase the customers experience on the smartphone.


Features Include…


  • Publish events: dates, title and description
  • News: post news stories straight from a RSS feed
  • Audio Stream: provide live audio stream form your website
  • Video Stream: display your videos as a list with titles and text description
  • Twitter:  bring your twitter discussions into the app
  • Facebook: integrate your profile into the app
  • Google Maps: make it easy for your customers to find you
  • Contacts: provide easy access to company contact information
  • E-commerce: sell products directly through your app
  • Custom Forms: create custom input forms for appointments, reservations, surveys or contact forms
  • Coupons: create and share coupons to all your customers
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