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Google Plus For Business: How To Get Started

Despite the rumors that it wouldn’t last, Google Plus is here to stay. Even  if it doesn’t have the enormous amount of users that Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter have, this pattern is quickly changing as more and more businesses begin to see the benefit of engaging on Google+. Google Plus For Business: How To Get Started

Google Plus has proven to be popular among individuals and businesses are beginning to notice the relevance of becoming active on the website. Many businesses have started to include the Google+ one button on their websites and other social media accounts.  Let’s find out how Google Plus attracts marketers and how to start creating your own page.

Guide to Google Plus For Business

We’re talking about Google Plus but what exactly is it? If you are familiar with social media then you can easily understand the concept of Google Plus. Google Plus is a place where you can share the right things with the right people and add a social layer across all Google products.

Google Plus for business is the new trend nowadays. It attracts customers and builds relationships with current ones. Google Plus makes it easier to connect to billions of people who search on Google every day especially if your business relies heavily on SEO to provide its main source of traffic.

How To Start

  • To start your way in Google Plus for business, create your  page. But before creating your Google Plus page you need to begin with your profile.
  • You need to create your Google account so you can start with Google+.  So your first step is to set up a Google email.
  • Once you have your Gmail account, you are ready to create your personal profile.

The process is simple. The steps are in the screen already. Just follow them and viola, you now have your personal Google Plus profile.

Tip 1: Google will use words from your profile when people search for something specific within Google. It means that you need to put the right keywords in your profile to come up in the basic searches by Google users.

Tip 2: When creating your personal profile, use your real name and not your business name to avoid suspension. Your Google Profile is the center of your Google+ experience. Be sure that your profile reflects your business and that you have filled out all of the necessary information.


Create a Page

Once your  profile is done, let us start creating your Google Plus page. This will be the page for your business, therefore it’s very important to complete the details of your page.

1. At the left side of your Home, place your cursor on the ‘More’ icon and click Pages. Drag the Pages icon to the tool bar for easy access to Pages in the future. You will be directed to a new page. Click the ‘Create New Page’ button in the upper right corner.

 Google+ For Business: How To Get Started


2. Pick out the category of your business. Be sure to select the Local Business or Place if you have a storefront to allow your page to appear in Google maps. Select carefully the category since you won’t be able to change it again.

 Google+ For Business: How To Get Started

3. If Google can’t find your address, click ‘Add your business to Google.’ Then enter some basic information about your business, select a category, and click ‘Create’.

4. In same category, enter your business’ name, business website and click Create.

5. Customize your page by clicking the Profile icon on the navigation ribbon to the left. Next, click the blue ‘Edit profile’ button at the top of your page. Add a tagline and profile photo.

6. Once your page is done, you are ready to create your first post.

One of the most important benefits to joining Google Plus is how it can positively influence your businesses search engine ranking. Google+ has become an important part of SEO marketing. If you are trying to improve the SEO results of your business, joining Google Plus may be just the boost your marketing efforts need.

As you can see, Google+ is not like any other social networking site. See how they can penetrate the Google Search! Start creating your Google+ page now!

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